New and updated names - 2018-10-20

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Niall Teague - Fast Company, 2011, 2012, Galway, Music
Victoria Jade - Notices, Answers, BURROUGH, Director ID, Kindle
Christopher Morano - Attorney, Chief State's Attorney, 2004, Justice, Commission
Kavita Singh - Location, Birmingham, Consultant, Books, WebSphere developers
Alfred Naylor - Pearson, Thomas, Margaret Ethel, Family, George
Frances Macfarlane Watson - Future, Business, Parkdale, ParkdaleBIA, BIA
Nicola Chisholm - Director, Marketing, Director ID, ACTIVE, Company
Stephen George Aitchison - Cockburnspath, Leighton, William, London, Museum
Umar Mansoor Qaiser - Followers, Umar.qaiser
Marjorie Bradley - Kellogg, Flame, William, Rossow, Lear's Daughters
Michelle Baker Jones - Followers, Counsellor, Counselling, Contact, Asana Health
Oscar Edward - Meinzer, William, Cesare, United States, Birth
Johnny Wilder - Heatwave, Rod Temperton, Melody Maker, Guardian, Keith
Vanessa Elwell - MARKETING, Director, Elwell-Gavins, January, DENTAL
Lauren Lam - Nancy,, Chinese, 1995, Council
Rick Peterson - Books, Lancashire, University, Archaeology, 2013
Nara Taylor - London, Queen, Opera, Coulsdon, Contact
Mundungus Fletcher - Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows, DeviantArt, Andy Linden, Character
Monika Czarnecka - Winnipeg, Manitoba, MB, Doctor, Poland
Nicola Claire Dawson - 2013, London, University, Staff, Manager
Cathy Myer - AMC, rec, alt tv, Mary Jane Drummond, Mary Jane
John Spencer Wallis - Academy, Ashford, Church, England Academy, 2011
Alan Edwin - Munter, Director, British, Harper, Obituary
Global Language - English, Services, Translation, Services Ltd, London
Mette Ulla Madsen - Followers, Christina Holm, Insect cells, Escherichia, Alifrangis
Sara C. Steele - Paradise, Tide-Mark, Paperback, Blueprints for Paradise, Floral Art
Daphne Christine Green - Followers, 2013, 2012, Hospital, Tameside
Sandra Cherry - Counselling Services, Cheadle Hulme, SK8, Heart, Advice Services
Angela Mary Mac - 2013, 2008, Donald, Atlanta, London
Fiona Mary Povey - Crowthorne, Hair Salon, Dukes Ride, Berkshire, Hairdressers
Les Mcateer - Birkenhead, British, Boxing, Middleweight, Harry
Tracey Salmon - Salmon-Smith, Dartmouth, Company, Smith, League
Kaspar Galli - 2013, Sultans Of Swing, Music, Jerry, Cafe Soul
Sue Rawson - AGENCIES, WA4, AGENCIES LIMITED, Society, Services
William Edward Montague - Claude Meadowleigh, Paperback, Artist, Books, Africa
Simon Grima - Malta, University of Malta, European, Transport Malta, Studies
Alfred Chan - 2011, 2012, Hong Kong, 2013, CNBC
Bibi Mariam - Qalhat, India, Islamic, Surah-al-Baqarah, Director
Mark Terence Clavin - Company, Director, Profile, Shout, Kieran
Jeremy Raisman - India, Finance, Member, Finance Member, Abraham
Yvonne Bateson -, Access, Receive, Newsletter, alt
Antonio Gibb - Followers, Vance
Gareth Paul Morris - 2013, London, University, Director, Wants
Andrea Caracciolo - Brescia, Novara, Serie, Inter, 2011
Gary Allanson - Bridlington Town, Town manager, Bridlington Town manager, Town boss, NCEL
Andrew Ecclestone - Freedom of Information, Government, Campaign for Freedom, Labour, Telford
Helen Mary McIntyre - 2013, Director, Company, Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire
David Warwick Johnson - 2013, Wants, London, 2011, American
John Henry Grimmer - rec autos, John_Grimmer, Norfolk, William, CHARLES
Mohamed Adel Ali - Wants, Arabia, London, CEO, Director