New and updated names - 2018-10-30

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Alexsandro Silva - Flavio, Followers, Unix is user, 7.0-CURRENT, Eclipse
Mireille Toledano - Imperial College, College London, Imperial College London, Health, Public
Joan Mary Easton - Lentz, Family, History, Thomas, Books
Linda Carol Milne - Director, Appointments, 2013, Company, 2014
Jeff Chegwin - Nick Patrick, Soldiers, MUSIC, No.1, Monday
Carrie Tredre - Mixcloud, Tredre's, Followers, Following, Podcasts
Kailash Bagaria - Kolkata, Bagarias, JCU, Middleton, Street
Stephanie Claire Ross - 2013, University, London, Manager, Stephanie__Ross
Sher Dad - Pakistan, Garhi, Frontier, Private, Service
Ann M. Cullen - alt, Mairi, Director, Books, Research
Aisha Jawando - Musical, Motown the Musical, Theatre, Martha Reeves, London
Carmo de Noronha - Maria, Tickets For João, Tickets, Buy tickets, Cominato Bergo
Jon Ewbank - Manchip White, Books, Ancient Egypt, Paperback, ISBN
Eliot Lamb - Oxford, Ben Masters, Noughties by Ben, 2012, Solutions
English Voice - British, Talent, A2Billing, Episode, American
Marcos Guedes - Oliveira, Mercosur, Francisco Dominguez, Brazil, Peter
Izuani Mohd Azmi - Malaysia, Profile, University, Muslim, Zubir
Alice Wellman - Putnam, White Sorceress, Hardcover, Books, Unknown Binding
Teresa Anne Conlon - YANOMAMO, Peter Rose, Church, Music,
Christopher Colin Clarke - 2011, University, London, Director, Manager
Majid Nadia - Coquitlam, Doctor, Lougheed, Clinic, Medical
James Grinstead - David, 3AL, Bolitho, Portsmouth, Terrace
Dennis Clarke - comp, Andrewboy, CLS Music, Solaris, Followers
Miranda Bond - Inika, CEO, Jenni Williams, Makeup, Inika Cosmetics
Kelly Ann Simons - 2013, Online, Sugar, London, Thomas
Alex Tom Edward - Brown, Memorial, Director, 2013, Orchard
Graeme Menzies - Edinburgh, Cambridge, Director, Mills, Reeve
Kiran Riaz - Apple Music subscription, Company, Students, College, Redbridge
Mae Anthony - Patricia, alt, 1991, UUCP, CowPatti
Philippe Dufour Jean - Jean-Philippe,, Jean-Louis,, Schmit
Nguyen Hung - Cuong, Việt Nam, Vietnamese, Origami, Thanh
Gregory Frederick - Director, Followers, Hutchings, Family, MASON
Robert Alan Neilson - Stephens, Kindle Edition, 2012, Glasgow, Fulham
Shah Abdol Rahim - AFSHAR, Director, Southampton, 1949, December
Ibrahim Rashed - Followers, Company, Listening on SoundCloud, Listen, Stream
Stewart Stephen Clarke - 2013, 2012, 2011, Ghost, Musical
Denise Field - Director, Company, Buyer, Ron Rothenberg, Equine
Bill Newsinger - Leicester, Vimeo, 2015, Photography, Project
Christopher Michael Pedersen - 2013, Denmark, Exchange, MATLAB, Reekie
Raymond Malcolm Friend - TILING CONTRACTORS, DIRECTOR'S, R.M, Director, Postcode
James Nodder - Yorkshire, Cornwall, Census, Consulting, Online Census
Cathal Martin Mullan - Derry, Northern Ireland, Belfast, Anthony Smyth, Conor Claxton
Joey Goebel - Torture the Artist, Books, Anomalies, Author, Vincent
Ewan Forster - Christopher Heighes, Services, Chris Heighes, Project, Related Services
Bopinder Kaur Samra -, UPMINSTER, OFFICER, Companies, EDUCATION
Philippa Bassett - Urban and Regional, Centre for Urban, Regional, Regional Studies, Studies
Robert Nicholas Hopkins - 2013, University, London, Director, Professor
Michael Ivor Richards - 2013, Seinfeld, Kramer, University, London
Doris Blanche Hodges - Healing, Director, 1979, Paperback, Hymns
Valerie Jane Hirst - Huddersfield, Yorkshire, Family, Technique, Alexander