New and updated names - 2018-11-12

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Randi Zuckerberg - CEO, Dot Complicated, Media, Joe Berger, Facebook's
Andy Hogg - Australian, Pigman, Elephants, 2013, Australian Orienteering
Christopher Birkbeck - Crime, University, Americas, Venezuela, Company
Simon Deane - Deane-Johns,, Improvements, 23 Apr 1998, 21 Jul 1998
Waseem Chaudhary - Followers,, March, Reviews, Customer
Kathleen Keating - Hug Therapy, Hug Therapy Book, Therapy Book, Book of Hugs, Paperback
Tony O'Hare - Bristol, Origami, Barnet, Northern Ireland, Bowling Federation
Peter John Laven -, Companies, Renaissance Italy, Somerset, British
Nigel Andrew Pearson - Leicester, 2013,, Football, Foxes
Jonathan Andersson - Drone, Security, Icarus, IFK Mariefred, Match
Anita Rose Rosen - Books, CRF, Holocaust, Paperback, Invasion
Percy Pickering - Charles, 1893, 1871, South Wales, Sydney
Thomas Gambino - Peter, Gamboa, Carlo, Giann, Ganci
Charles Edward Howard - Vincent, London, British, M.P, Colonel Sir
Josh Wylie - Mikado, London, Theatre, Music, 2014
Manimaran Chandrasekaran - Immediate, Kiruthika, FW, MLM, BASIS
Ellen Nelson Dalrymple - Family, Obituary, Nelson, Patrilineage, Cambridge
Sarah Haveron - Jones, WILLIAM, Contact, REGISTERED, Charity
Edward Harwood - London, William, Obituary, Elizabeth, British
Ruth Lesley Rosenthal - Bellaire, Phone, 77401, (713) 667-7791, United States Phone
Scott P. Lennon - comp sys, Frank, Kingdom, David, Board
Yan Qi - China, Chinese, Edition, Gongby, Goose Chi KungDa
Shara Cohen - Contact, Euroscicon, Email, Science, Event
Eileen Daly - Brother, Razor Blade Smile, Books, British, Vampire
Greg Craven - Professor, University, Australian Catholic University, Catholic University, Vice-Chancellor
Kai Gobrecht - Pinterest, Brothers, Tennis, Player, Birthdays
Teck Liew - Listening, SoundCloud, Listen, Stream, Tracks
Mike Colley - 2013, Thanks, ELECTRICAL LIMITED, Followers, James
Henry Tillson - WILLIAM, Oxford, London, United, Thomaston
Emilie Oldknow - Labour, Sherwood, 2010, Labour Party, General Election
Jennifer Norton - Followers, 2013, Corey, rec boats, Director
Antoinette Vargas - Louise, Narra, Pretty, Beautiful, Gorgeous
Martyn Russell - Reading, Agents, Property Services, RG6, Letting Agents
Andre Schwartz - Schwartz-Bart, Andre_Schwartz, South, Books, PADS-User-Group
Sally Tompkins - Confederate, Captain, Civil, History, Confederacy
Sheila Mary Cecilia Beaty - Elizabeth, Marriages, Director, Followers, Paperback
Rosalie Ruth Brewster - Family, Massachusetts, River, Jones, Obituary
Ben Hedley - Morecambe, London, Football, Player Profile, Results
John Farnworth - Freestyle, Football, Football Freestyle, Champion, Guinness
Paul Gerhard - Schmidt, Books, Thallinger wrote, Private, Germany
Doreen Lundy - Skyrockets, Bands, British, Geraldo, Fantastic Voyage
Keshia Gordon - Photography, JKG PHOTOGRAPHY, London, ASOS, It.teaching herself everything
Christine Dunlop Macdonald - Detroit, SMUT, Green, FLAREfashion, Congrats
Ann Ferguson McKillop -, Civil, Services, Jillian, Bethel
Judith Mary Lamont - Family, Followers, Records, 2007, Lammar
Bruce Morrison - comp, Director, alt, History, Location
Aiden Martin O'Neill - Sunderland, 2011, Republic of Ireland, ONeill, James
Jack Roulette - Black, Fun Casino, Fun Casino Hire, Casino Hire, Tables Fun
Harold Mooney - Orchestra, Stanford University, Kay Starr, Institute, Music
Greg Stephen - Thanks, Director, Two-Cylinder, Collectibles, Brian