New and updated names - 2018-11-12

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Charles Morin - Randy, Author, Windows Services, Programming Windows Services, Services
Gregory Bowen - Grenada, Minister, United, Energy, Therapist
Craig Shields - 2013, Larry Chaney, Renewable, Energy, Jamb Kitchen Records
Denis O. Reilly - Moores University, Liverpool John Moores, John Moores University, Ireland, British
Kathleen Burden-Gregg - Leicester, Company, South, Phone, Gazette
Iain Borden - Architecture, Bartlett, Architectural, Space, University
Heidi Phillippa Readman-Ahmed - MISS, Company, Hartlepool Cleveland, SCENTS, History
Ruth Park-Pearson - Books, South, Louise, Wilde, University
Catherine Ann Miles Cooper - 2011, Director, University, London, Golden Acorn
Lorraine Ellen Newman - EastEnders, LCS, Library Computing, BBC, 2013
Antony Osborn - Osborn-Barker, MARK, Director, Lawyer Guide, PCS
Family Tomb - Jesus, Church, Discovery, Simcha Jacobovici, Cemetery
Adam Herbert - 2013, Chancellor, University, 2009, University System
Kate Beeching - French, University, Bristol, UWE, Foundations French
Martin Bergljung - Alfresco, Books, Alfresco CMIS, Business Solutions, Publishing
Neil Carl Armstrong - 2013, Apollo, University, 1969, Manager
Reuben Henry - Karin Kihlberg, Birmingham, Gallery, London, George
Stanley James Draper - Herbert, Oklahoma, Company, Director, LONDON
Rod Paley - Xtensis, Xtensis Ltd, London, Jisc community, Managing Director
Victor Charles Vine - Tom Adams, British, Secret, Agent, James
Michael Roger Hickland - Director, Company, Nationality, Profile, Previous
Brian Langan - Paperback, Irish Fiction, USD, IRP, United
Ole Jordan - Banks, Stranded, Amman, Various Artists, Prison Spirituals
Katharine Mary Butler - Hathaway, Company, Secretary, Companies, London
Katherine Mansfield - Stories, Zealand, London, Garden Party, University
Elizabeth Mc Carlin - Carlins, SmIth, Norma, Verduzco, Mckendry
Anna Hemingway - Outlines of Geography, Unknown Binding, Edith, Geography for Standards, Standards
Ira Templeton - Chattanooga Open, Tennessee, Times, Creeks Bend, Course
Uma Reddy - Nichesoft Solutions, Please, Business Partners, Hotlist, M.D
Ante Serdarusic - Player Profile, Siroki Brijeg, Football, Premier, NK
Mohamed Hussein - Tantawi, 2013, Egypt, Field, Followers
Florence Leckey - Lisburn, Freight Forwarders, George Brendon, Stoneyford Road, 48a Stoneyford Road
Christine Pollock - Director, 2012, University, Lanarkshire, Education
Nigel Roderick McKenzie - Director, Company, alt, LEEDS, Family
Caroline Maxwell-Wood - Student Designers, University, Director, College, London
Ronald Ayers - Economics, Prentice Hall, Enhanced, Apply, Robert Collinge
Anthony William Bear - Bernard, Teddy, Attendance, Bentley, CS
Rita de Brito - 2013, 2014, Portugal, Oliveira, Sousa
Gerald Heard - Aldous Huxley, LSD, Books, Fiction, British
Adam Beaney - Faversham, Ricky Mount, Sharon, Eastman, 19-year-old
Chun Choi - Street, Hong Kong, Tseung Kwan, Industrial Estate, Kowloon
Paul Richard Smallwood - Leamington Spa, Music, Vision, Praise, Street
Barbara Mc Curdy - McCurdy, Authority, Lunchbox, Rotella, Cunliffe
Claudia Schramm - 2010, Germany, Kommentar, Bobsleigh, Books
Nicholas Philip Wright - 2013, Followers, London, 2011, Travelling
Brian Dodson - Henri, Adrian, Mike Hart, Mike Evans, Percy Jones
Miss Polly Rae - Burlesque, London, Hurly Burly, Theatre, Sheets
Helen Fletcher - 2012, Obituary, Pyramid Music, London, 2007
Chris Daggett - Jersey, 2009, Independent, NJ, Governor
Doris White - Followers, Director, Obituary, Funeral, Books