New and updated names - 2018-11-13

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Shaun D. - Jurrens, Black, Yours truly, Pattinson, Jurrens
Stephen Peter Hunt - 2011, Director, Wolves, University, Services
Grant Parish - Louisiana, Colfax, Warning, Weather, Severe Thunderstorm Warning
Mary Jane McGowan - Family, Goldstone, Ireland, Parish, Valley Stompers
Kyle Redd - Drake, 2010, Swing, Independent, Sarah Vann Drake
Yvonne Yung - Sasha, Chinese, DVD, Watch, Leung
Shayne Mason - Africa, Awards, North-West, South, Palmnäs
Anne Rosemary Lumsden - Edinburgh, Director, MARGARET, ROSEMARY, Company
Margaret Corneby - Black Country Chamber, Commerce, Chamber of Commerce, Chief, Executive
Craig Peter Harrison - University, London, Director, Manager, 1999
Tang Wang - China, Edition, Chinese, Dusseldorf, 2014
Ling Ting - Five Keys, Record, Music, Mei-Ling, London
Mark Holah - London, Psychology, IP, Legal, Field Fisher
Craig Butler - Hereford, 2011, Question, Steve, Independent
Kenneth John Lacey - Director, History, Family, Company, 2013
Dan Rudkin - Wisbech, Surgery, South Brink, Services, Bracknell
Fevzi Okumus - Tourism, Strategic Management, Chathoth, Prakash, Levent Altinay
Brett Dean - Music, Symphony, Australian, Orchestra, String
William Stuart Milne - 2013, Aberdeen, University, Memorial, Services
Tsz Hin - Followers, Profile, Tsang, Hong Kong, Eurosport
John Taylforth - Ambleside, Colwyn Bay, Keen Ground, Services, Garage
Brian Bernard - Brian_Bernard, Director, SLessard, WINSTON, Funeral
Susan Higgins - Director, British, comp doc, Decorators, Interior Decorators
Haley Blackman - Haley_Blackman, Yoga in Bridgwater, Click2Find, Classes, Independent
Randall Daniels - 2013, 7DR, Electrical, Followers, 01792
Mike Deane - United, Liverpool Music Week, Kingdom, Coach, 2015
Rod Strickland - NBA, Sports, Posts, WIZARDS, Washington
Tom Broxup - Cookridge Hall, Golf Club, Yorkshire, Leeds, Union
Paul John Hardy - 2013, Followers, Director, University, Manager
Ranjeet Singh Virdi - Tumba,, 2011, Jagdish, Wellness
John Chesshyre - William, History, Canterbury, Halton, Cheshire
Natalie Tuck - Pensions Age, European, Lincoln, Written, Age and European
David Jupp - Director, Warrington, Sherlock, London, Ebbsfleet
Joan Nicholson - Durham, rec org, Obituary, Kingdom, Council
Sony Super - CCD, Camera, II, FPV, Digital
Chan Hong San - Paperback, Edition, 1991, LI, China
Andrew Paul Wilkinson - 2011, Wants, Companies, Director, University
Delia Mary - Horse, Director, Obituary notices, Profile, Company
Wilson Mills - George, Cleveland, OH, Susan, Henry
Colin Ellis Parnell - Company, Director, Appointments, Decanter, Unknown
Andrew John Ness - Franklin, Templeton, Hardcover, Investments, Markets
Joshua Richardson - 2013, Actor, 2011, Player,
Farah Zahir - LONDON, Brian Pinto, India, British, Siu-Li Yong
Michele Carnduff - Electrical/Electronic, Manufacturing, Newmarket, Camlon, Veterinary
Nelson Edwards - George, United, Kingdom, Obituary, James
Stephen Mark Collishaw - Company, Director, Appointments, Previous, Birth
Richard Mehmed - Recycling, Community Wood Recycling, Brighton, Project, Recycling Project
Sheila Ann Gregson - Lancashire, Family, Followers, Director, Parish
Jenny Cobb - Thanks, EVIAN TOUR, 1997, Gail Bullis, POINTS
Clive Mullins - Somerset, Street, ROBERT, Director, BARBER SHOP