New and updated names - 2018-11-28

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Michelle Matson - 2013, Event, Basingstoke, Artist, Results
Josh Devitt - Rugby, Chobham, 1st, Instonians, September
Lorraine Nelson - Derrick Thomas, Details, Thomas Dead, Spritzer, Kindle Edition
Caroline Jane Howard - Elizabeth, 2013, Cazalet Chronicles, 2012, Edward Czech
Angela Mc Rae - Colin, Followers, Rally, il, McRae
Anthony Kevin Saunders - Director, ENGINEER, Music, Edition, BRITISH
Martyn Dring - Sam Chandler, Charlie Gordon, Nottingham Mavericks, Simon Bell, Pauline
Ewan Dalton - COS.DAL...@GLASGOW-POLY.AC.UK, Interactive, Cos.dalton, Multimedia Researcher Email, Information
Ulrike Sattler - University of Manchester, Description Logics, CFP, International, Logic
Steve Dore - Cheltenham, Vision Repairs, Television And Radio, Servicing And Maintenance, Television
Alfred Theodore - Andreas, Memorial, William, Walter, Robinson
Neil Warren Connolly - Director, Hampshire, Company, Check, Southampton
Norma Ann Aitken - Family, James, History, Margaret, Elizabeth
Karen Andersen-Bloomfield - Andersen-Bloomfield's, British, Oxford, Armstrong, Created
Lucy Boo Simmons - 2013, Unknown, Heart, University, London
Gill Sparrow - Hillstone Primary, Headteacher, Christine, Giving, 2016
Stephen Anthony Bloor - Helston, Cornwall, Wheel, Simon, Siabod
Anne Goh - Director, LYNSEY, Glasgow, Glasgow Ltd, Singapore
Iain Fraser Jones - Director, Followers, Fraser Jones, 2014, SOUTH
Lionel Douglas - Royal, WW1, William, Life Story, Memorial and Life
Sharon Ann - Academy, Dance, Cheer, Holgate, Academy of Cheer
Karen Jane - Followers, Director, London, Wedding, October
David Paul - Actor, Jones, 2013, Young, Bob Doyle
Ismail Suleiman - 28-year-old, Khaled, Egyptian, Mahmoud Salah Mahmoud, Egypt
Jack Keyes - Frontier Resources, Chief Executive, Officer, CEO, Cavan
Julien Alvarez - Paris, Followers, TripAdvisor members, Belgium, MARCH
Emer Mc Carthy - McCarthy, Whoriskey and others, Storie, Francis, Paperback
Raymond McWilliams - Airdrie, POLAR AIR CONDITIONING, Review, ENGINEER, Obituary
Morgan Pringle - Peggy, bit listserv,, rec, rec arts
Carol Anne Mace - Council, Bewdley, Director, DENISE, Parish
Michael Francis Vickers - Intelligence, Street, Society, University, Defense
Chiara Marra - Italy, Reviewer, Followers, Music, Canales
Brook Porter - Sheffield, Kleiner Perkins, 8PR, Green, Shawn
Humphrey Iii - Hubert, Charles, Minnesota, Songs, 2006
Dominic Alexander - London, Saints and Animals, Middle Ages, Kingdom, Lowther
Nicola Louise Wright - 2013, Company, Director, Profile, Instant
Carol Weldon-Zinsmeister - Weldon-Zinsmeister, Director, Church, Images, Essex
Caroline Mc Ilroy - McIlroy, Emilio, Inter-StJohns, Caroline, OzArch
Elizabeth Ann Sangster - Margaret, Family, Books, Aberdeen, George
Nigel Bruce - Basil Rathbone, Sherlock Holmes, Watson,, Adventures
Janet Helen McMillan - University, Obituary, Unique, Wizard, Article
Christina Ellmer Mcintosh - Jones-McIntosh, Christina-Rebecca-McIntosh, FerryAll
George McKinnon - Wrong, British, William, Chronicles of Canada, 2012
James Lousada - Carlsberg, CEO, Europe, Benet Slay, Foster's
Ryan McChesney - Glenafton Athletic, James Mannara, FTPanthers, Clabough, K.C
Martin Wetzel - Walbert, Books, Coming Battle, 2013, Germany
Harvey Dr Dexter - Director, Maxwell, Companies, Answers, Profile
Ian McQuillan-Howard - London, University, College, Council, British
Nam Mui Tran - 2012, Thien, Followers, Publishing, Nguoi
Oliver Charles - Leicester, Director, Designs, Solicitors, London