New and updated names - 2018-12-04

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Patricia Acero - ScienceDirect Topic, ScienceDirect Topic Alert, Carlos, Jordi Cama, Falcon
Elsie Diamond - Burlesque, London, Cabaret, 2015, Sensible Dresser
Marion Shergold - Craig, Miracle, English, Cards, Mother's
Rudra Dutta - Chandrabali, George, Rouskas, Traffic Grooming, Listen
Edgar Buhl - James, University of Bristol, Hodge, Neuroscience, Physiology
Rosaleen Susan Curran - Books, 2011, Company, Norwich, Director
Sharn Brown - Sidcup, Commission, Virginia, Result, Address
Rebecca Courtman - LOC, Results, Event, Isabel Urquhart, Faye Cowperthwaite
Alex Uwajeh - Taming the Tongue, Principal, Pursuit, Investing, Books
Diane Gregory - Obituary, Training, Texas, Deanna, TX
Richard Barkia Downes - Owner, Manager, Centre, Director, London
Simon Peyton - Jones, Computing, Microsoft Research, Peyton Jones, Cambridge
Alex Hickman - Slow Winter, Canada, Justice Minister, Prior, Byron
Susan Christine Franklin - 2013, Statistics, Agresti, Learning, Director
Dylan Pickles - Rugrats, 1998, Chuckie, Finster, Chuckie Finster
Robert John Diplock -, William, British, Director, Kenneth
Isolde Kurz - German, Paperback, Hardcover, 1853, Ricarda Huch
Justin Morgan - Director, 1997, Software602, Southpoint Drive, 6821 Southpoint Drive
Judith Angela Bentley - Director, Company, 2013, Followers, INACTIVE
Andrew Robert Bland - Director, Company,, 2001, Information
Daljit Kandola - Company, Director, Review,, Furniture
Gavin Soens-Hughes - 2013, London, Company, Director, Sportive
Ann Marie Lucas - Followers, Coventry, Foods That Heal, Heal Osteoporosis, Books
Florence Cox - Poetry, George, Obituary, Memorial, Suffolk
Deirdre Pauline Winifred Squires - Director, Deirdre, Company, Church, Notices
Louise Scannell - Jayne, Swansea, Welsh, Ireland, MISS JAYNE
Dennis Warner - Harwich, Main Trail Productions, Productions, Music, Obituary
Andrew Rickman - Bookham Technology, Chairman, Director, Rockley, Photonics
Xinyi Chu - Followers
Alan Streets - London, Consulting, Wallingford, Artist, Paint
Justin Longmuir - AFL, Fremantle, Dockers, Paul Medhurst, Steven
Jessica Ellis - 2013, CNN, 2009, Hollyoaks, London
Arthur Schopenhauer - German philosopher, EPUB, Essays, Google, Philosophy
Sam Blanshard - Hillingdon, 2014, Wirral, Half Marathon, Runners
Chris Byatte - Joe Wee, Chillingo, Chillingo founders, EA, Wakelet
Jayne Rudd - Catering, Knutsford, Peover, Caterers, 9EZ
Jamie Coppinger - Doncaster, Doncaster Rovers, Football, Archive, Paul Robinson
Margaret Isobel Mae Burke - Followers, Sheridan, Funeral, Education, Boards
Janice Jean Myers - Online, Gomersal, Liverpool, Centre, Jessica
Brian Giles - Padres, Baseball, San Diego Padres, Indians, David
Emma Plummer - 2013, Family, Somerset, Crafted, William
Robert Goss - Jesus Acted, Followers, Conergy, Jesuit priest, Director
Nadia Al Sabouni - Al-Sabouni, Research, Rescue, Buckinghamshire, Royal
Stephen Anthony Vernon - Director, Company, Green, 2014, London
Jeremy Slater - Fantastic, David, Luke Dawson, Tom Ritchford, Reawakening
Diana Carole Wentworth Cowie - LADY, Director, Company, Estate, LANCHESTER
Richard Phillip Martin - 2013, 2012, Followers, London, Director
Sunil Sankaranarayanan Nair - Followers, Authority, Relations, Contact, SEO
Angeles County - California, Museum of Art, Department, LACMA, Court
San Jan - Chiriquí, Panama, Weather, TripAdvisor, Sanchin