New and updated names - 2018-12-05

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Robin John Hawkins - 2011, Followers, Authority, 2013, London
Karine Joseph - Maroc, James McBey, Hardcover, Books, Followers
Alphanso Clarke - Companies, Clarke's, Personal, Followers, BeenVerified
Denise Mary Keenan - Followers, Boulder, District, County, Ireland
Margaret Smith Kenny - Followers, Jimmy, Burrell, Turrentine, Stanley
Steven James Wilson - il, 2013, 2012, Porcupine, Wants
Barry Chapman - Services, Barry_Chapman, Neots, Electrical Services, Poole
Nathen Lewis - Followers, Companies, Poker Forum, NONE, ARCHER
Antony Roger Leach - Director, BRITISH, Companies, Colin, Wakefield
Anthony William Dix - Family, Paperback, 2012, James, History
William Robert Royal - Prince, Kate Middleton, Catholic, Middleton and Prince, Cambridge
Sophie Georgina Philip - Philip's, London, Philips, Wedding, Family
Margaret Lawry - Cornwall, Family, LAWRY-WHITE, West Penwith Resources, JANE
Mason Southern - Hoffenberg, Terry, Paperback, Candy, Results
Louise Paula James - 2011, Followers, London, Manager, University
Madeleine Anne Billings - Followers, Rosie-anne, 2015, Parish, Sarah
Alistair Bruce Henderson - Followers, 1994, rec, Manager, University
Nigel Patrick Ellis - Company, Director, Nationality, Appointments, Manager
Sarah Ann Butcher - Followers, 2013, Denyer, Spouses, Family
Tia Weeks - Weeks's, Vomiting, America, Chronicling, Congress
Jordan Merriman - Farnborough, Football, Profile, Callum Cobb, Dartford
Barney Murray - Blood or Whiskey, 2003,, Dugs Mulhooly, Music
Andrew Hurdle - Register Forums, Director, Business Development, Market, Scorpion
Xavier Petit - Line6, il, TonePort, 2011, UX2
Christopher Woolcott - Johnathan Ball, London, Babble, Lincoln, NOSE
Scott Sheffield - Followers, University, Institute, Random, Yorkshire
Elizabeth Mary Betts - Company, Director, Followers, Appointments, JOHN
Paul Lim - Darts, Singapore, Championship, Thanks, John Lowe
Penelope Hall - Routledge, Social Services, England and Wales, Halliwell, Modern England
Debra Lea McLean - Results, Jessica-lea, Event, Girls, 2009
Sean Dermot O'Leary - Factor, OLeary, London, BBC, Radio
Shakeel Mohammed - Company, Regards, Director, Check, Sheffield
Dawn Mellors - Melbec Microbiology, Technical Director, United, Kingdom, Director at Melbec
Guy Charrison - Property, Hayes, Property Consultancy, Network Auctions, Estate Management
Elaine Rice - Northern Ireland, Bachmann, British, Obituary, Research
Sharon Mary Joanna Gardner - Followers, Jerusalem, Director, Appointments, Company
Dr. Eduardo Antunes - Followers, Coimbra, 2015, Bortoluzzi, Director
Leonard Sutherland - Powell, British, William, Memorial, Family
Ronald Rae - Edinburgh, Sculpture, Mowat, Granite, Scottish
Andrew D. Jewell - Photography, Willa Cather, Wedding, Bristol, Selected
Luc Bertrand - Jean-Luc, David Stone, DVD, Montreal, Magic
Claire Louise Lundy - Derry, 2013, Newtownabbey, Council, Ireland
Omar Mohamed Rashad - Egypt, 2012, Going, Wembley, Consultants
Willy Hales - Chelmsford Hockey Club, Media Centre, Media, Centre, News Archive
Geraldine Helen Millward - Director, Leeds, Company, Details, Yorkshire
Peter William Stewart Skinner - MEP, Director, Labour, Manager, European Parliament
Jason Raymond Smith - Followers, 2013, Wants, London, Authority
Pam Burrows - Followers, Nottingham, Satori, Booster, Training
Brendan Hassett -, alt, soc, Yuri Tschinkel, comp
Mustafizur Rahman - Bangladesh, India, University, Sussex, South