New and updated names - 2018-12-24

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John Peter - Zenger, London, University, 2013, Director
Michael Robert Southern - Contact, Paperback, Books, Blood, Brothers
Brian Leslie Kenny - 2013, 2011, 2012, GENERAL, ESPN
Thierry Back - Arsenal, Henry, December, Pedro, Grove
Red Scotland - Radical, Scottish, University, Rise and Fall, Glasgow
John Dease - Question-Master, Genome, Roy Smith, Questions, James
Jeff Hamlett - Company, Canary, Warrington, Companies, Site designed
Zoe Telfer - Kidworks, Milk Jnr's, Director at Milk, Services, Client Services
Barbara Farr-Smit - POTOC, Adidas, Results, Sport, Invasion
Jean Haley Brodie - Prime of Miss, Muriel, Spark, Muriel Spark, Edinburgh
Julian Baroteaux-Williams - 2013, South, Music, London, University
David George Firth - 2015, CATERHAM, DAVID_FIRTH, Yorkshire, Djfi...@aol.comxspam
Ross Mc Dougall - McDougall, Richard, Thank, David, Violence
Roland Bishop - Jyhad, Zebulon, Malkavian, Gilbert Duane, Mariel
Ashley Wimpey - ZIP, Wilkins, Claim, Followers, Matthew
Gavin M. James - Bower, London, Music, Dublin, Tickets
William Colin Shakespeare - 2013, London, April, Director, Stratford-upon-Avon
Dennis Andrew Zerk - GAS, CARDIFF, ENGINEER, PLUMBER, October
Dave Peters - Throwdown, Everyday Records, 2012, ANYONE, Peterson
James Carp - Carpenter, Black, Angling, Fishing, Prison
Jonathan Humphries - Welsh, Followers, Taylor, Services, Davies
Meg Isabelle Giry - Phantom, Opera, DeviantArt, Andrew Lloyd, Love Never Dies
Frederick James Cameron - 2013, Avatar, Followers, Titanic, Director
Christy Cooney - GAA, GAA President, Croke, Croke Park, Queen
Stanley South - DH9, Springer, 6PZ, Harlequins, Archaeological Evolution
Rosemary Mc Gee - McGee, Emily_Mc_Gee, 2009, Authority, Emwee✌
Holly Hook - Destroyers Series, Tempest, Kindle Edition, Books, Author
Guy Store - Opening Times,, Locations, Family, Wrestling
Kevin Patrick McManus - 2013, Paperback, 2015, Liverpool, Music
Guillermo Corral - Spain, Cultural, Damme, Culture, Director
Hazel Joan Thompson - 2013, Family, Obituary,, Craig
Andrew Pyle - Philosophy, Malebranche, Philosophers, British, Books
Róisín Mc Atamney - McAtamney, Atamney, Kathy, Roisin, Lauren
David Stephen Robertson - 2013, 2011, University of Glasgow, 2012, Wants
Jason Beever - Tri-Logic, Tiling, Plastering, Plumbing, Ilkley
Paula Garcia - alt, POSTERS, Followers, alt fan, Stone
Lisa Jane Bourne - PLAYLIST, Blues, 2002, Lisa_Bourne, Bluehipnotik
Maria Jastrzebska - Poetry, Books, Brighton, Dementia Diaries, Literature
Tan Luong - Vietnam, Followers, Weather, Hotel, Weather Forecast
John Byron Copeland - 2012, SCARBOROUGH, Companies, British, Family
Karen Mc Carroll - McCarroll, Blues, Information,, Delmark
James Fulton-Smith - Wants, 2013, London, Glasgow, Sheffield
Andrew Thomas Workman - 2012, History, Followers, Family, Gloucestershire
Jonathan Frederick Jury - 0QE, Companies, NEWMACHAR, Family, 6UF
Lowena Mitchell Hill - Truro, TR1, Cornwall, 1JX, Borders
Peter Thomas Midgley - Director, Company, November, Profile, Reports
Carol Lowrey - Hayley Lever, Hardcover, Bitton, William, Spanierman Gallery
Lily Painter - Ghost, Caitlin Davies, London, Street, Stanley
Alieu Mboge - Committee, Muslim,, London, Companies