New and updated names - 2018-12-30

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Adele Hedges - Chief Justice, Merck, Texas, British Phone Book, Wins Appeal
Norma Sutton Davies - Opticians, SA6, 6 Pentrepoeth Road, 2 Penny Lane, 34 King Street
Annette Lorryman - Followers, Lorrymans, NVQ, Years, Early
Darren Nickerson - HylaFAX, Folks, Solutions, ANNOUNCE, 2000
Polly Fischer - Followers, Follower, Norma, Briody, Obituary
Elliott Hester - Plane Insanity, Adventures, Continental Drifter, Flight, Tales of Sex
Benjamin Alexander - Huseby, Cohen, London, 2013, Thomas
Anthony Darren - Director, James, Company, GALLAGHER, Financial
Dont Panic - London, Poster, Brexit, Calm-o-matic, Another
Christopher Fowler-Tutt - Bryant, London, Books, Review, Crime
Audra Bowen - Followers, Bailey, Testimonials, Client, Rocky
Eleanor Brazil - Council, Doncaster, Birmingham, Director, Slough
Jane Woolfenden - Books, Journey's, British, Primary, Britain
Edward John Lodge - George, Moody Blues, Royal, District, Years
David Hawley - IMF, Thanks, SALE, ICOT, Hillsborough
Claudia Eberlein - Sussex, University, Quantum, Sonoluminescence, University of Sussex
Jayne Ormerod - Leading the Blond, Blond Leading, Author, WG2E, Books
Susan Ann Claridge - Family, History, James, Richard, Mary Ann
Edwin Rand - Tarantula, Raymond Bailey, 1955, Ross Elliott, Hank Patterson
Dick Finch - Chepstow, Results, Jealous, Tommie, MDC
Welch Brothers - 2013, Europe, West Calder, Company, EP
Beverley Ann - Obituary, McKeen, 2002, Family, Smith
Mary Taggart - Phone, Management Contact, Resource Management Contact, Data Resource Management, Company
Edmund Marriage - Golden Age, Garden of Eden, Project, British Wildlife, Wildlife Management
Ben Cleaveley - Bridgwater, Table Tennis England, Manager, 01278 425536, Senior Product
Vivien Bailey - College, Director, OBE, Karen, Honours
Johannes Prinsloo - Rugby, Sevens, South Africa, Dubai, Cheetahs
Lorraine Linda Baird - Annan, Florists, 2013, Dumfriesshire, 105 High Street
Jamel Stevens - Bristol, GUN, Wednesday, Januray, Lamar
Sheila Hicks - American, Gallery, 1934, Institute, Paris
Jill Britton - Introduction to Tessellations, Dale Seymour, Symmetry, Patterns, Teaching
Heikki Mansikka - Mansikka-aho,, Fighter Squadron, 2011, Andrzej Dymek
Jazz Wayne Jameson - Matthew,,, Celica,
Rich Mullins - Christian, Posts, Music, Tribute, Ragamuffin
Jeremy Rigden - Catholic, Swindon, Church, Priest, Monsignor
Joanne Louise Marston - London, Research, Health, British, Primary
Sunny Telford - Forum, View topic, Location, Archive, Shropshire
Alonso Calderon - Fábian, Football, Viking, Informe, M.D
Sunny Corner - Cornwall, Sennen, Cottage, Holiday, PENZANCE
Joan Sarah Allen - 2013, 2012, Albert Finney, Metal Detectors, Bourne Legacy
Mary Hawkes - Family, Thomas, Doncaster, Elizabeth, Death
Thomas Bradley Smith - 2013, MotoGP, British, Moto2, 2012
Sally Gregor - Gregory, Hamilton
Norman John Francis - Daley, Authority, London, Sunday, 2006
Brian Letts - Sheet, Viewing, Pendleton, Doctor, Obituary
Lee Surman - Llanelli, Football, Jones, Sgorio, Aberystwyth
Bianca Wainwright - Profile, Updating, Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Teresa Mary Newnham - Sussex, London, Director, INACTIVE, Links
Robert Alastair Ingham Clark - Director, James, Authority, London, Gerald
Yin Fa - Shanghai, Hotel, China, Qi Gong, Paperback