New and updated names - 2019-01-11

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Richard William Lindop - Company, Manchester, Sports, Family, Cheshire
Saiful Ahmad - Rachmad, IDFB, RACHMADS, XXXL, Special
Gerald Evelyn Moriarty - BARRISTER, August, British, LONDON, Michael
Jon Milne - Followers, Bradford-On-Avon, Milner, Contact, Social And Associations
Patricia Mc Grotty - McGrotty, Patricia, Times, Peacefully, Monday
Michael Ashanti - Ambassador Music, 2007, Listen, Share, Soulful
Lesley Anne Mullen - University, College, Dairy, Oxford, Council
Marie Palmer - Anne Marie, Iva-Marie, Obituary,, Terri-Marie
Sheri Leigh - MILES, Myers, Graveyard Games, Wedding Veil, Publishing
Chantal Jose - Joseph, Followers, Banana, Jules, Rogers
David Soakell - Christian Friends, Friends of Israel, Church, CFI, Representative
Abby Horne - Horner, Budleigh, Capital Captures, Devon, Forum
Alan Walter Curtis - Swansea, British, Morris III,, Director
Alexander Budzier - Bent Flyvbjerg, Business, Oxford, Projects, Project
Franziska Berger - Peter, Minimum Cycle Bases, Peter Gritzmann, Gritzmann, Graphs
Fiona Creese - Theatre, Nick Tigg, Gareth Brierley, Detective, Sian Williams
Andrew Swan - Research,, Manitoba, Justice, Division
Valerie Tatum - Followers, Trade, U.S, Caribbean Basin, Hardback
Hayward Green - Brian, Project UNI, Thursday, Aviation, UNI
Mani Thulung Rai - London, Ranjit, Dhaniram, Nasiv, Krishna
Yvonne Catriona Henderson - 2013, Hospital, Dermatology, Dermatologist, British
Phill Elliott - Elliott-Dick, 2015, MRCVS, BVM&S, David
Tracey Louise Underwood - MANAGEMENT, Review, Family, Business, ASSET
Ron Williams - Followers, Music, 2013, Actor, Ronald
Rob Calder - Kopparberg, Ari Hest, alt, Runner, Blade Runner
Anthony Peter James Griffin - 2013, Family Guy, Followers, 2012, Broncos
Alastair Cowie - Corporate, Review, Governance, Innovation and Skills, Assistant Director
Bernice Amos - Companies, Followers, Appointments, Personal, Irene
Richard John Ogden - University, London, 2012, Services, Professional
Alexander Rigby - Colonel, Middleton, Edward, Lancashire, William
Luz Pereira - Fabricio, Maria, Chaves, Profile, Miguel
Jan Pike - Paralympic, Excel, Australia, Horse, Sophie Christiansen
Punjabi Puttar - Sunny, Leone, Answers, Activity, Puttar's
Cecilia Winter - Heart Belongs, 2008, London, Switzerland, Songs
Joanne Copley-Dunn - Wedding, Coast, DESK, Copley-dunn's, Remae
Christopher Kevin Bovey - Devon, Peter, Lawyer, Guide,
Geraldine Moran - Miracles or Coincidences, Roscommon, 2017, Margaret, VTOS
Eric A. Miska - Cambridge, Gurdon Institute, Research, University of Cambridge, Professor
Alice Ogunbowale-Thomas - Ellis, London, Companies, INACTIVE, Director
Dietrich Lohmann - Cinematography, German, Fassbinder, Deep Impact, Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Gota Fria - Spain, Weather, Spanish, Costa Blanca, Today
Stephen Booth - Ben Cooper, Peak District, Crime, Books, Black Dog
Cliff Stoll - Cuckoo's Egg, Books, Tracking, Computer Espionage, Maze of Computer
Simon Evers - Kalsmose-Hjelmborg, Hjelmborg, Directive, Public Procurement Law, Peter
Bertie John - Regiment, Russell, Family, Henry, George
Kenneth Underwood - DAVID, Genome, Television, Unknown, December
Nathalie Cruz - Icade Promotion, Boutaut, Email, Bordeaux, F-Agen
Samuel Broize-Ward - Academy, Haverhill, Suffolk, College, Technology
Sheila Nelson Stamping Dance - Trustees, Family Settlement, 2009, Festival, HMRC