New and updated names - 2019-11-05

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Richard Andrew Spiller - Company, Director, 2013, Music, Hardcover
Dearbhail McDonald - Irish, Irish Independent, Ireland, Legal Editor, RT
Janet Mary Mark - Director, INACTIVE, Summary, Lilias, Janet's
Michael Laycock - Forres, Fabric, Print Works, Street, Evolve Mediation
Gillian Anderson Price - London, Mayfair, Dealers, Brook Street, Antique
Edgar Stoll - Elmer, Shakespeare, University, Hardcover, Library
Marion Briggs - Followers, Books, London, Rudolf Steiner, NW1
Duncan Warren Rawson-MacKenzie - James, Rawson, Rawson-Mackenzie, Farming, Glasgow
Mohd Zakry Isa - Binding, Unknown, Network, Wordless, Malay
Suzanne Smalley - NEWSWEEK's, Reporter, Producer/Camera, Boston Globe, Lee Wang
Stanley Charles Dean - Morgan, Witter, Darlington, Rondells, Editor Robin
Jennifer Boag - Greenock Westburn, Falkirk Council, Census, General Assembly, William Armstrong
Roger L. Durant - TAVENER, JAMES, Tawton, Street, Zeal Monachorum
Cornelius Mc Sherry - McSherry, Nodlaig, Brendan, Brolly, Hendry
Leonard John Walker - Lindh, American, Unknown Binding, 2012, Butler
Christine Reynolds -, by248@cleveland,, 2019, Westminster Abbey
Ruth Elaine McGuigan - Information, Freedom, Director, Ireland, Cleveland
Anthony Richard Constable - Torin, Waiting, Avenue, Design, Jerseys
Alice Deighan - Scout, GLASGOW, MAP, Brookfield, Brookfield Road
Rosaleen Bernadette McLaughlin - Derry, Online, MAP, McLaughlin's, Journal
Renee Brenner - Crosby, LIVERPOOL, MAP, Turtle Bay Resort, Melbourne
Maxwell Alves - Solicitors, London, Cyprus, 2013, Cyprus property
Dr. Chris Jenkins - Followers, 2012, British, Actor, Department
Julia Moore-Myers - English, London, Teaching, Cathy, Burnett
Claudia Allemani - Cancer, London, Cancer Survival, Global, Professor
Bruno Leroy - DailyMotion, Classic, Norton, Honda, DIEU
Margaret Mc Clung - McClung, 2013, 2012, University, Hardcover
Jill Wood - Followers,, alt games, misc, misc kids
Pavel Kuptsov - file-operator-1.0.0, Dnepr Mogilev, Player, x86_64-linux-thread-multi-ld,
Samantha Phipps - 2016, Services, Birmingham, Centre, Hockey
Mervyn John Donnell - Strabane, O'Donnell, British, County Tyrone, PROJECTS
Janet Louise Purcell - Purcell/For The Times, Health, Times of Trenton, A-Team, Artists display
Alan Fettis - Football, United, Northern Ireland, Blackburn Rovers, Manchester United
Sagar Madan - Followers, Arsenal, Sagars, Madans, Officer
Michael S. Sumner - Followers, DAVID, Welwyn Wheelers, Track League, Welwyn Track
John Gearld McKenna - Liverpool, London, Ireland, 2011, 2013
Jayne Power - Contact, British, Nicola, Estate Mart, Genes
Suzannah Greig - Tunbridge Wells, Travel, Mereworth Road, TN4, 9PL
Computer Forensics - Digital, Forensic, Expert, University, Services
Sean Doyle - 2011, 2013, London,,
Mahmud Kazi - Suhel, Empty Plates, Tale of Empty, MOHAMMAD, AHSANULLAH MOHAMMAD
Wayne Cope - gators911truth, Billy, James, United, Unable to send
Andrew South - Thorpe, London, Broadland, Norwich, April
John Lamb Phillips - Followers, 2001, Mamas, Papas, RIP
Sonali Mukhopadhyay - Mukhopadhyay's, Bengali, Videos,
Leslie Bufton - Crickhowell, NP8, ROBERT, 1SB, POOLE
Ashley Lind - Listening on SoundCloud, Class, Stream, Answers, Worcester
Ngo Chi Dung - Vietnam, Duong, Nguyen, Vinalines, Vietnamese
Teresa Vala Pinto - Bugle's, Grecian, Lampworked, Beads, NFOBase
Liam Leneeva Payne - Direction, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson