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: Billionaire investor *Warren Buffett* married his longtime companion, Astrid

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: Naturally I also created Astrid Menks. If you know anything about Warren Buffett

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: Buffett's wife left him in the 1970's to build a life of her own in San Francisco, and

The Life Of Warren Buffett History Essay
The Life Of Warren Buffett History Essay. INTRODUCTION. Warren Edward Buffett (born ... Astrid Menks, who was then sixty years old. From 1977, since his wife's ...

Wedding bells for Warren Buffett - Aug. 31, 2006
Warren Buffett tied the knot with longtime companion Astrid Menks in a private ceremony on his 76th birthday Wednesday, CNN has learned.

*new* they weren't kidding about FOTL stock! PROOF - Page 2 - Female...
So Susan introduced Warren to Latvian immigrant Astrid Menks, a waitress at Omaha's French Cafe. (Yes we have one; be sure to ask for ...

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: ... housekeeper is astrid menks, now astrid buffett. the two were married back in

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: One of those women who took up the offer was 31 year old Astrid Menks, ...

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: All the while, he lived with Astrid Menks; they married in The threesome

Warren Buffetts Personal Life Commerce Essay
In 1952, Buffett married Susan Buffett Thompson. They had three children, Susie, Howard and Peter. The couple began living separately ...

*new* they weren't kidding about FOTL stock! PROOF - Female First...
On his 76th birthday Buffett married his longtime companion, Astrid Menks, who had lived with him since his wife's departure. Interestingly, it was Susan Buffett ...

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How to delicately handle a recent widower Free Dating, Singles and...
Hi all. I had a lovely first meet with a man. Lasted 3 hours. He is as advertised, charming and we got along very well. Lots of matching interests. All...

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: ... Buffett's wife, Susan Thompson, a nightclub singer, walked out on him in 1977

Google Groups: Warren Buffet - Bush's Tax Cuts For The Rich - Bad Idea

: Susie called several women in the Omaha area and insisted they go to dinner

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: ... Salary US$ [1] Net worth US$50 billion (2011)[2] Spouse Susan

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Sage Investment Advice | Wealthflow
When it comes to Buffett's advice for his own wife — the 60-something Astrid Menks — it's simple. Assuming the 80-something Buffett dies ...

Google Groups: Buffett biography reveals flaws, recounts triumphs

: Buffett married his longtime companion, Astrid Menks, in a private ceremony on

Google Groups: LBJ aide shoots down talk of affair

: Buffett, meanwhile, according to the book, took up with a waitress from Omaha

Google Groups: How Warren Buffet made his billions

: At 76, he married his long-time companion, Astrid Menks at a low-key ceremony

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Soeaking of anecdotes, the famous poly relationship I know of was that of Warren Buffet, Susan Thompson and Astrid Menks, who seem like they were a rather successful trio

Google Groups: Buffett: The newly poor gets richer

: In a short, private ceremony, the gentleman from Omaha, Nebr aska, USA

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: Susie called several women in the Omaha area and insisted they go to dinner

Google Groups: Warren Buffet's mantra to mint money!

: *A peek into Buffett's personal life* On his 76th birthday, Buffett married his

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