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NJ's largest state worker union warns lawmakers of cost for working with Gov ... - The Star-Ledger

22.07.2010 [NJ.com] - Chris Christie arrives at the Assembly Chambers at the Trenton Statehouse in this February file photo. TRENTON — The state's public worker unions are at

Live updates of Gov. Chris Christie addressing Legislature on tax reform - The Star-Ledger

01.07.2010 [NJ.com] - Christie today is scheduled to address NJ lawmakers to ask them to support his property tax reform plan. "I was not going to sit there and be belittled and

Gov. Chris Christie declines to join legal battle to bring sports betting to NJ - The Star-Ledger

12.07.2010 [NJ.com] - Chris Christie walk towards the Assembly Chamber in this March 16 file photo at the Statehouse. TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie today said he will not sign

David Cameron's dream could be President Obama's nightmare

23.07.2010 [Washington Post] - He is a taller Mitch Daniels, a svelter Chris Christie. During the past fiscal year, Britain's deficit was larger as a percentage of its economy than

Meadowlands ex-CEO says Xanadu completion is key to sports complex's success - The Star-Ledger

23.07.2010 [NJ.com] - Chris Christie, that recommends eviscerating the Sports Authority they once ran. "Nothing stays the same forever," Hanson, who chaired the governor's

NJ Gov. Chris Christie opens NGA meeting with censure of public-sector unions

09.07.2010 [Washington Post] - Chris Christie blasted public employee unions here Friday, arguing that states must scale back scheduled pay increases and health benefits for state workers

Tea, Crumpets And An International Incident.

22.07.2010 [Capitol Ideas with John L. Micek (blog)] - Chris Christie - joined Hollywood celebrities and politicians and media stars at a dinner last night for David Cameron. Cameron, who took office 10 weeks

Queen Elizabeth II visits Ground Zero, meets Gov. Chris Christie

06.07.2010 [NJ.com] - Chris Christie, New York Gov. David Paterson, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Port Authority officials and their families. The queen also met and greeted

NJ gay marriage supporters, protesters prepare for Supreme Court battle - The Star-Ledger

21.07.2010 [NJ.com] - Chris Christie on record opposing it and a proposal to put the question to voters going nowhere fast, hundreds of supporters and opponents of gay marriage

Gov. Christie to borrow $1.4B to fund NJ transportation projects - The Star-Ledger

08.07.2010 [NJ.com] - Amanda Brown/The Star-LedgerNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie in this file photo at the Statehouse. TRENTON — The Christie administration plans to borrow

Gov. Chris Christie urges NJ residents to conserve drinking water during drought - The Star-Ledger

07.07.2010 [NJ.com] - Chris Christie and Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno traveled to a dairy farm owned by Bob Puskas, right. FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP — As a heat wave bakes New Jersey, Gov.

Gov. Christie wants Teterboro consolidation details worked out before ... - The Star-Ledger

16.07.2010 [NJ.com] - TRENTON — Governor Chris Christie told the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee he would have vetoed a proposed bill dividing Teterboro among four

DISPATCHES: Blaming Peter to pay Paul

21.07.2010 [Packet Online] - Chris Christie took a hard-line stance during this year's budget negotiations, closing a massive budget shortfall by doing exactly what he accused his

Democrats still lead NJ fundraising, but Republicans are closing the gap - The Star-Ledger

20.07.2010 [NJ.com] - Chris Christie. "We are in the midst of a new era of Republican leadership in our state and within these new and exciting times we have experienced a surge

Gov. Christie reveals plans to limit NJ superintendents' salaries, base pay on ... - The Star-Ledger

16.07.2010 [NJ.com] - Chris Christie and Education Commissioner Bret Schundler meet with kindergarden students at the E. Raymond Appleby Elementary School before they announce

Wind bill goes to Gov. Christie for approval - The Star-Ledger

29.06.2010 [NJ.com] - Chris Christie to be signed into law. "Without this legislation, New Jersey will have lost the race to attract this new industry, without having entered the

Gov. Chris Christie will meet Queen Elizabeth in New York City - The Star-Ledger

06.07.2010 [NJ.com] - Chris Jackson/Getty Images Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh meet performers on Monday in Toronto, Canada. Gov. Chris Christie will

NJ lawmakers encourage Gov. Christie to restore $7.5M for women's health ... - The Star-Ledger

14.07.2010 [NJ.com] - Chris Christie today about restoring funds to family planning services. TRENTON — Two lawmakers who have asked Gov. Chris Christie to restore a $7.5

NJ Democrats call on Gov. Chris Christie to support 'working poor' insurance ... - The Star-Ledger

28.06.2010 [NJ.com] - Chris Christie and Republican lawmakers to set aside their "short-sighted, wrong-headed" agenda and support a bill today that would allow 39000 uninsured

NJ 'Senior Freeze' rebate checks are sent at last year's level after budget cut - The Star-Ledger

14.07.2010 [NJ.com] - Chris Christie spoke to seniors about rolling back cuts in health care in Linden. TRENTON — The state began mailing checks out today for seniors and people

GOP committee elects Christie friend to replace David Norcross as NJ party ... - The Star-Ledger

09.07.2010 [NJ.com] - Chris Christie and Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno traveled to a dairy farm for a press conference on the 2 percent property tax cap. WEST WINDSOR — In a move

Senator calls for hearing on Trenton schools audit - The Times of Trenton

23.07.2010 [NJ.com] - Chris Christie announced plans to seize control of Atlantic City's casino district in an effort to revitalize the area. With the Trenton public schools

Big victory for a big man: Chris Christie’s landslide re-election |...

Chris Christie, the Republican Governor of New Jersey, recently won re-election in a landslide victory in the traditionally Democrat state, taking ...

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Chris Christie Is A RINO-DIP (Republican In...

The potential GOP candidate who stands to glean the greatest number of crossover votes nationwide is none other than corpulent New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. A new Gallup poll shows what many conservatives have known for a long time: Christie is more beloved outside his own party than within it.

Chris Christie: Friend or Foe to CPAs? | Going Concern

For reasons unfathomable, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is running for president. Apparently, one loud-mouthed Republican from the tri-state area wasn't...

Beyond Bridgegate: Three Other Chris Christie Conspiracies You...

As the subpoenas pile up in Chris Christie's Bridgegate scandal and accusations continue to fly in the Garden State, there is no shortage of ...

Did Chris Christie Just Subtweet Rand Paul? - Bloomberg Politics

Chris Christie wants politicians to be

Chris Christie: Nobody in America cares about House speakership

12/10/2015 · GOP presidential hopeful Chris Christie has a simple view on the turmoil in the House. "Nobody in America cares," the New Jersey governor told CNBC's ...

Can I hasz job? Tax returns show Chris Christie and his wife made...

Not bad work if you can make that kind of money part-time and conflict free? Oh no wait, that is New Jersey. The Star Tribune reports. NEWARK, N.J. — New

Chris Christie – CatholicHerald.co.uk

Posted on Friday, 15 November 2013 Tags: Archbishop Vincent Nichols, Bishop Thomas Paprocki, Chris Christie, David Nolan, family synod questionnaire, ...

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