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( I'm Jane Rowe)
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Google Groups: ORGANUM/David Jackman Official Discography (54k) Ver 1.0

: Credits given: With Dinah Jane Rowe, Jim O'Rourke, Eddie Pr‚vost, Christoph Heemann, David Jackman. All music and artwork by David Jackman. ...

Google Groups: Women musicians?

: ... (half female) Dinah Jane Rowe (Organum) Hybryds (half female)

Google Groups: MAIN Discography: latest update...

: ... Dinah Jane Rowe and David Jackman. track 2 recorded live at Recommended Records, London with Roger Sutherland, Michael Prime, Dinah Jane Rowe and ...

Google Groups: MAIN discography (updated)

: ... tears (part 2) NOTES: tracks 1 & 5 recorded with Michael Prime, Dinah