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Wikipedia: Paez, Jose Antonio

José Antonio Páez Herrera (13 June – 6 May 1873) was General in Chief of the army fighting Spain during the Venezuelan Wars of Independence, in addition to becoming the President of Venezuela once it was independent of the Gran Colombia (1830–1835; 1839–1843; 1861–1863). He is considered a prime example of a 19th century South American caudillo.

Wikipedia: Pavón, José Antonio

José Antonio Pavón Jiménez or José Antonio Pavón (April 22, 1754, Casatejada, Cáceres, Spain – 1840, Madrid) was a Spanish botanist known for researching the flora of Peru and Chile (such as Gongora) during an expedition under Carlos III from to During the reign of Carlos III, three major botanical expeditions were sent to the New World; Pavón and Hipólito Ruiz López were the botanists for the first of these expeditions, to Peru and Chile.