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'PENDING LARRY QUOTE' - Google financials dunder blunder
19.10.2012 [Register] - But this has been pushed more and more into the background, instead we only hear about Julian Assange, like he had dinner last night with Lady Gaga. That's great for him but not much of our interest. We are more interested in transparent governments

HP veep: 'Lenovo won't be No 1 in PCs... oh wait...'
12.10.2012 [Register] - Meanwhile, in a court over in the UK, the powers that be told Julian Assange's bail money supporters that they'll have to cough up the cash they promised because they haven't done enough to pry him out of the Ecuadorian embassy. The nine supporters

Assange chums must cough up £93500 bail over embassy lurk
08.10.2012 [Register] - While Julian Assange™ continues to sun himself under a SAD lamp in London's Ecuadorian Embassy, the supporters who put up his bail money - and so kept him out of British custody and free to hole up in the embassy - have been ordered to cough their

The secular fatwa on Julian Assange | openDemocracy
“A country of one language and one set of customs is feeble and fragile ”

SXSW14: Eric Schmidt on Julian Assange, GCHQ, Russian internet...
SXSW14: Eric Schmidt on Julian Assange, GCHQ, Russian internet censorship and robots, Google executive chairman and former chief executive Eric Schmidt took...

Assange: 'iPhone, BlackBerry, Gmail users - you're all screwed' • The...
Assange: 'iPhone, BlackBerry, Gmail users - you're all screwed' Whistle blown on mass surveillance industry

Julian Assange: 'I hope there's much still to come' | New Scientist
The WikiLeaks co-founder says the internet can be both a tool of political empowerment and the road to dystopia

Andrew O’Hagan · Ghosting: Julian Assange · LRB 6 March 2014
Andrew O’Hagan’s new novel The Illuminations will be published early next year. He is shortly going down the Mississippi, a long river, in a short space of time.

Benedict Cumberbatch retiring & what he said to Julian Assange! |...
It may have seemed, due to his ridiculously jam-packed work schedule, that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch was setting himself up for early retirement -

WikiLeaks affair: Julian Assange Ellingham Hall interviews
17 Dec 2010 ... The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has repeated his claims that the US is preparing to indict him on spying charges. ...

Darren Weller On ... Playing Julian Assange -
- 20 Jan 2012 by in Interviews.

Interview - Julian Assange | WikiSecrets | FRONTLINE | PBS
In this interview for FRONTLINE's

Julian Assange Pictures And Photos | Getty Images
View and license Julian Assange pictures & news photos from Getty Images.

Julian Assange - Mediabistro
Media profile for Julian Assange

Julian Assange: The end of secrets? | New Scientist
Lifting the lid on the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks and its enigmatic hacker-turned-activist founder

Short Sharp Science: WikiLeaks: What does Julian Assange hope to...
Update: Julian Assange was arrested in London on the morning of the 7 December. He was refused bail and remanded in custody until 14 December. It is almost impossible

London cops order Julian Assange to turn himself in • The Register
WikiLeaker-in-chief Julian Assange was served with an extradition notice by the Metropolitan police this morning. Scotland Yard said that the 40-year-old Australian ...

Julian Assange™ telemovie coming to Oz TV • The Register
The early hacker activist life of Julian Assange is set to be immortalised in a television drama for Australia’s Network Ten. The two hour telemovie called ... ( 19 Comments )

Feds subpoena Twitter for info on WikiLeaks backer • The Register
8 Jan 2011... about an Icelandic parliamentarian who until recently was a vocal supporter of WikiLeaks and its embattled founder Julian Assange. ...

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