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Speedway: Wednesfield gain revenge
[British Cycling] - Wednesfield Aces 90: Chris Jewkes 17+2, Mark Griffiths 16+1, Ricki Johnson 13+2, Ben Mould 11+1, Matt Haddock 10+1, Scott Doherty 10+1, Lee Aris 9, Sam Parr 4. Sheffield Stars 81: Pawel Idzorek 15, Andy Angell 14+1, Jamie Ball 14+1, Lee Smith 13

Speedway: Sheffield beat Wednesfield
[British Cycling] - Mark Griffiths took a good win after the break for the visitors before Sheffield hit back with a well taken 6-4 from Andy Angell and Ryan Hoyland to bring Sheffield within a point of the Aces. The next race split into two races within one and with the

Speedway: Sheffield win Fiesta Fours
[British Cycling] - Chris Jewkes 22, Lee Aris 20, Matt Haddock 12, Mark Griffiths 11, Ricki Johnson 10. Birmingham 68. Pail Heard 24, Chris Timms 18, Nathan Groves 11, Marcus Wadhams 11, Paul Timms 4. Please credit and link back if you use any

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David Duchovny Not Dating Gillian Anderson
in a serious relationship for some time now on Wednesday (08Aug12), the day after Anderson confirmed her six-year romance with Mark Griffiths was over. Gossip website sparked the claims after ...

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