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Google Groups: Australian premiere for "Firewall"

: Not Harrison Ford, writes Phillip McCarthy. How old, exactly, is too old for a Hollywood action hero? It's more than a matter of calcium depletion. ...

Google Groups: university professor behavior

: ... they expect for men for our own use mk5000 "Meg has moved on, and Hollywood is on the hunt for a new comedy sweetheart, writes Phillip McCarthy. ...

Google Groups: Ivan Reitman in Sydney Morning Herald

: Phillip McCarthy nominates Ivan Reitman. If anyone over the past 20 years has had Hollywood laughing all the way to the bank, it has been Ivan Reitman. ...

Google Groups: Aussie beefcake - The new global dish

: They are the Errol Flynns of their generation, the action heroes who make the world swoon, writes Phillip McCarthy. In the past year or two Hollywood seems ...

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