Data Protection Declaration / Notes on Data Protection

For yasni GmbH (hereafter: Yasni), data protection is an important issue. Yasni respects and maintains the right of users and third parties to informational self-determination. The reinforcement of the right to informational self-determination is a significant element of the Yasni company philosophy. Yasni pursues an active approach in the field of data protection. Yasni wishes to reinforce the right of users to informational self-determination by providing them with opportunity for authentic representation of information about them that is already available generally on the internet. Furthermore, Yasni provides the user the opportunity to actively form an image of the data about his/her name that is accessible to the general public on the internet. Below, you will find information about the purpose, type and extent of the storage, processing and use of your personal data: Personal data constitute individual details of the personal and factual circumstances of a certain or specific or identifiable natural person.

Processing of Personal Data by Users Using the Yasni Website

When a user visits the Yasni website, Yasni saves, processes and uses data that is not always exclusive of personalisation. In order to enable viewing of the Yasni website on the user terminal, the storage of the user’s respective IP address is required for technical reasons. Otherwise, it is not possible to transmit information to your terminal. Yasni stores no user IP addresses on its servers. The web server processes other anonymous data from which no personalisation is possible in the so-called access log. This specifically concerns the following data:
  • Date and time of access
  • URL called up
  • HTTP Status
  • Size of the file transferred
  • Referrer
  • User agent (browser)
In the event that an error occurs during the use of the Yasni website, the date and time of occurrence of the error and the error message are also saved. The data is used - as far as necessary - in order to facilitate error elimination. Furthermore, anonymised data is processed and used for the purposes of design in accordance with requirements (access evaluation, optimisation).

Data from Sources that are Accessible to the General Public

Yasni provides users with the option of searching for personal information by forename and surname combinations. Here, information from the internet about the respective search terms is shown in aggregated form. The information compiled always comes from sources that are accessible to the general public. In the selection of research sources, it is ensured that research is carried out primarily from sources that are accessible to the general public and to which the person concerned has deliberately revealed the data, that this data is accessible by the general public, and that the revelation of the respective published information to third parties is frequently also consciously determined for a specific purpose. Yasni saves, processes and uses no personal data from sources that are not accessible to the general public when showing the results of a search for a person.


Yasni temporarily saves searches that have already been made by forename/surname combinations (caching). This is necessary in order to be able to provide the service for a large number of users. This cache is updated at regular intervals.

Rights of the People Concerned

At all times, those concerned have the option of obtaining information about the data saved at Yasni under their names by means of a corresponding search enquiry on the internet page. Those concerned may demand any further information from Yasni. As Yasni saves only data that are accessible to the general public, it is emphasised that fundamentally no claim exists for the issue of information under § 34 clause 4 in conjunction with § 33 clause 2 no. 7a of the German federal data protection act. In order to avoid abuse, Yasni may require suitable proof of identity from the person concerned. Upon identification of such, search results that in breach of the rights of those concerned will be immediately deleted or blocked by Yasni. In the event of the exercise of claims for deletion, blocking and/or reporting, the person concerned may demand updating of the content cached under his/her name.

Processing of Personal Data of Registered Users

Users have the option of opening a web profile (exposé) with Yasni. An e-mail address and password (minimum 4 characters) are essential requirements for setting this up and for the provision of a web profile (exposé). Furthermore, the user may also voluntarily provide additional personal information in his/her web profile (exposé). In particular, this may include the following data:
  • Place of residence
  • Date of birth
  • Company
  • Occupation
  • Contact details (telephone numbers, instant messaging/messenger, e-mail address)
With the contact details, the user is also able to set whether these are to be available to all Yasni users or only to friends. Additionally, the user may also voluntarily assign search results (links, images, text etc) to the web profile (exposé) and add his/her own contributions. After setting up a web profile (exposé) Yasni users have the option of marking the information they have compiled as "reliable". For each result from a person’s name, Yasni displays a so-called VIP rank. The VIP rank is a non-binding value, which takes into account factors such as the number of unique search results, number of friends on the Yasni network and personal evaluations on the Yasni network.

Transmission to Third Parties

Other than where this is required for the fulfilment of Yasni’s own business objectives and for the provision of the Yasni service, no data is transmitted to third parties without the consent of those concerned.


After registration at Yasni, so-called cookies are saved on your terminal. Cookies are small textual information files saved on your hard drive. The cookie information enables identification of you as an authorised user for the duration of your visit to the Yasni website. Users are allocated user IDs by the setting of cookies, but under no circumstances are programmes executed on the user’s computer. You have the option of preventing the setting of cookies by the use of corresponding settings in your browser. However, we must point out that it will then be possible to use Yasni only to a limited extent.

Rights of the People Concerned in the Case of Registered Users

After registration with the registration details, the user is able to modify or delete any personal information in his/her personal web profile (exposé). Thus, users themselves decide which information about their names will appear in their public web profiles (exposé). Information entered previously is automatically completely deleted when a change is made. If the user completely deletes his/her profile (exposé) and therefore terminates his/her membership of Yasni, all data that he/she has previously entered will automatically be completely deleted. No application for deletion is required.


As a registered Yasni user, you can invite others to use Yasni. Yasni processes the personal details stored for this purpose only for the invitation and will use such details for no other purposes. Please note that the recipient of your invitation will have your public web profile (exposé) displayed when you send an invitation.

Status E-Mails (Newsletters)

At regular intervals, Yasni sends status e-mails (hereafter: "newsletters") to all Yasni members. In these, Yasni informs the users of aspects such as new services for Yasni members and, for those for whom you have searched, of any new search results. Furthermore, Yasni sends e-mails to users when changes are made to their profiles (exposé).

Web analysis & Cookies

In order to structure this website in a user-friendly manner, we use Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics employs cookies, i.e. text files that are stored on your computer and which enable an analysis to be made of your use of this website. The information about your use of the website as generated by each cookie will usually be relayed to a Google server in the USA and stored there. We have implemented technical measures to ensure that all IP addresses are stored in an anonymous form only. Google uses this information to evaluate your use of the website in order to compile reports about website activities on behalf of the website operator, and to provide it with other services connected with the use of website and the internet. The IP address relayed by your browser within the Google Analytics process will not be linked to any other data owned by Google. You can prevent the storage of cookies by adjusting your browser software accordingly; we point out however that by doing so you may be prevented from using the full range of this website's functions. If you wish to prevent the relay to Google of the data generated by the cookie and concerning your use of this website (incl. your IP address) and therefore to prevent Google from processing this data, then please use the following link to download and install the browser add-on provided.

Other tracking pixels & cookies

Tracking pixels and cookies are used in particular to control the display of advertising on our website. A tracking pixel is an image file or a link to a graphic file, which is integrated into the HTML code of our respective web page. It enables us, or marketing agencies, to collect data concerning website visits where this may be relevant for the display of advertising materials. We do not use this technology to establish any reference to individuals. The use of tracking pixels is usually accompanied by the deployment of cookies by the provider of the relevant analytical process. If you have set your browser to restrict the use of cookies accordingly or if you use “blocking tools“, then the data collected in connection with the tracking pixel can again not be used to establish any direct reference to any individual.

How Google uses collected data:

Changes to Data Protection Information

As the services from Yasni are subject to modification or improvement, it may occasionally be necessary to make improvements with respect to the data protection conditions. The same also applies for changes to the relevant legal regulations, which may require adaptation. The respective current version of the data protection conditions may be viewed at any time on the Yasni homepage, under the data protection link.

Accessibility of the Data Protection Conditions

These data protection conditions may be called up and printed from any page of the Yasni website, under the data protection link.