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answers.com: How did Tim Loock from Supernatural die

How did Tim Loock die. Tim Loock died from a head injury after a heated argument with his son. How did Tim christopher f lima from supernatural die. idk someone tell me

Retro Recap and Review: Supernatural 4.13 - Innsmouth Free Press

12.08.2011 The episode is dedicated to Christopher F. Lima (who was a rigging electrician) and Tim Loock (an online editor). I'm not sure what happened to Lima, but Loock apparently died during a confrontation with his son. ...

Google Blogs: You Just Can't Quit - First Impressions: 4.13 After School Special

30.01.2009 The episode is dedicated to the memory of Christopher F. Lima (rigging electrician) and Tim Loock (online editor). We didn't get much from the promo for next week, but I'm looking forward to it....even though it's going to be a little awkward to ...

Google Blogs: Bardic's Descant - 4.13 After School Special: I'm Looking For The ...

03.02.2009 The episode closed with two “in memoriam” notices appended to the end credits: one for Christopher F. Lima, and one for Tim Loock. I wasn't familiar with their names from the show's credits, and went looking. According to ...